Audience-On-Demand Platform

Small to medium-sized emerging brands enjoy the benefits of our advanced audience management platform

Choose your audience

Empower your marketing teams to build a full menu of audiences to maximize engagement and conversion

3rd Party Qualified Prospects

In-Platform Prospecting

Co-op Prospects

Customer Look-A-Likes

Visitors or App

Web visitors Segments

Native Apps Engagers

Customers' segments

BYO Audiences

Cart Abandoners


Events’ Attendees

Consumer Unified View

Audeince11 generates a unified view of every customer, visitor and qualified prospect


Life Time Revenue
Total visits
Products Purchased
Shirts, Sneakers
Products Interested
Hats, Boots
Miami FL
Media Consumption
IG, Search


Total visits
Products Interested
Pants, Polo Shirts
Brooklyn NY
Media Consumption


Products Interested
Furniture, Home Décor
Chicago IL
Media Consumption
Programatic, Tiktok

Uploading & Syncing Audiences

Once your teams select audiences segments, Audience11 platform uploads and sync to hundreds of marketing and business platforms



Google SEM

Programatic DSPs




BI analytics

Call Centers

Retail POS

Merchandise Systems

Data Warehouse

Audeince11 generates UTMs automatically based on audiences and platforms

Proof Point Measurement

We offer three primary marketing measurement views:


Multi-Touch Attribution

Media Mix Models

Our Credo

Audience11 is a product of 15+ years of mark-tech software developers, data engineers, scientists and marketing analysts with focus on targeting, activation, optimization and measurement.

Have developed proprietary technology to monetize audience and marketing data, focusing on:

custom enriched-data products and solutions to collect, standardize, mine, optimize, and sync dynamic algorithmic solutions to a wide array of end points, such as: Digital Advertising Planforms: Google, Facebook, Programmatic Media, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (email), Consumers’ Apps (push notifications), Client Websites as well as Business Intelligence, Marshside, Warehouse, Booking and Call Center systems.

Clients include medium to large brands across diverse industries that wish to build their own internal capabilities and marketing agencies.

Client Benefits:

1. Our products have generated 25%+ higher yield: revenue increase at a lower cost of operations.

2. Scale marketing program and financial impact

3. Add new business lines to core business.


We offer a wide range of custom integrations via non-public REST API protocol.

Ingest and push data from-to your legacy data systems:

  • - Data Warehouse
  • - CMS
  • - CRM
  • - Call Center
  • - Ecommerce platform

Marketing: Email, Text, Push Notifications and Media Platforms such as Facebook, TTD, Google, Criteo and others

For more information contact us:


Q1: What is the projected ROAS on the investment

Answer: We had measured minimum of $3+ in revenue : $1 investment. Included in the solution is the measurement to track ROAS and iROAS overtime.

Q2: What factors are included in the AI models?

Answer: We generate daily three models: customers, visitors and prospects.

The models in the following behavioral factors: product/s, channel/s of purchase, marketing investments and exposure platforms, locations, seasonality, offers/discounts, velocity of digital and offline signals: transactions, visits and engagements. We always start with small budget testing and scale once the model is proven.

Q3: Identify prospects and qualify them?

Answer: We source and qualify new prospects from several offline location and time sources (200 MM+) and digital sources. We always start with small budget testing and scale once the model is proven.

Q4: Participation in the Audeince11 co-op, what are the risks?

Answer: Participation is optional under strict opt-in. Each participants contribute the co-op, but no participant can access other brands audiences. Audeince11 selects audiences based on behavior indicators not demographics and then push directly to the target platforms.

Q5: Can provide the service outside of the US, are you in GDPR compliance?

Answer: We do apply the solution globally and in compliance with US CCPA and EU GDPR regulations.